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If you’d like to connect your backyard to the side of your house, Compass Landscape & Pavers can build a pleasant walkway to match your front yard. Adding walkways and driveways to your property can dramatically affect its appeal. In addition to connecting your patio and pool, paths can be used to connect other elements of your yard. Compass Landscape and Pavers specializes in landscape designs.

Is your property placed on a hill or on uneven ground?

Stairways can be planned and erected to make hillside properties simpler to navigate. Concrete steps are a cost-effective and practical solution to add texture and color to your landscaping. We have many materials to choose from for your walkways or paths. We’ll work with you to create a driveway, walkway or path that’s long-lasting, attractive, and increases the value of your house.

Many of the streets in San Marcos have also been landscaped by us for many years now and we provide following services at our best




Concrete Overlay

Stamped Concrete


Compass Landscape and Pavers can help you discover a solution for your family’s unique needs, whether it’s a simple repair or the construction of a new deck. You’ll get a complete one-of-a-kind patio because we make everything to order. Our professional patio builders will design and construct your patio according to your needs, style, and budget.

Make room for more outdoor living by expanding or creating a new hardscape.

Stamped concrete, paver patios, and more are just some of the alternatives we provide. With the ability to replace individual tiles, patio pavers have become increasingly popular. As an option, we may help you develop a concrete solution that looks good and serves its purpose. Think over whether or not you want a specific color or stain for your patio.

Because of our many years in the industry, we are well-versed in creating patios and decks that are aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. You may expect constant communication from our staff and adherence to a mutually agreed-upon timeline from us. The next logical step is to set up an in-person consultation.


It’s possible to stand out from the crowd with a paved or colored concrete driveway. Even if you spend a lot of time and money creating the ideal backyard retreat, your driveway is the thing anyone could notice first and that is why we always keep durability and upkeep in mind when choosing materials and designs for this area.

Having a concrete driveway is a great option if you are tired of your old driveway and want something new. There are no problems with concrete driveways, and if something goes wrong, it’s easy to remove and repair the problem. Because of their superior quality and long lifespan, our driveways are a great investment for your house or business.

We at Compass Landscape and Pavers can create and construct a perfect driveway for your house and your family’s lifestyle with your input. We look at the property’s overall condition where driveway design and installation are concerned.

This is why we examine and prepare the foundation before beginning any work. Our patios and driveways are built with the same care and attention to detail that we put into our work. Driveway paving services are our specialty. We help our clients choose the right material for their driveways by establishing a balance of style and longevity.

There are many options to choose from for a driveway project. That’s why Compass Landscape and Pavers is here to assist.

Compass Landscape and Pavers offer a wide range of driveway services, from large-scale projects like concrete poured or stamped to smaller-scale ones like crack and joint sealing, mudjacking, and restoration.

Concrete Overlay

Do you have unsightly, cracked concrete flooring that you can’t fully dig out and replace because you don’t have the time or money?

It is possible to apply a thin, broom-finished finish to a driveway or other concrete surface that has been damaged by cracks or wear and tear.

Compass Landscape and Pavers is here to help if you have any questions. With our experienced concrete overlay procedures, we’ll go right over your concrete.

It’s a low-cost alternative to pulling away deteriorating concrete floors. Thus, it’s an excellent strategy for increasing the value of existing homes while also improving the aesthetic appeal of commercial buildings’ external and interior spaces. Concrete overlays can be applied to driveways, patios, pool decks, garages, and more.

As a result, we can address the unique requirements of each project while also satisfying our clients’ aesthetic tastes.

When we say we’ve got your back, we mean it. Compass Landscape and Pavers is pleased to serve the San Marcos area and its surrounding areas with high-quality, professional landscaping services. To learn more about the concrete overlaying services we provide, get in touch with us.

Stamped Concrete

The most creative driveways and walkways can be made with stamped concrete.

Have you ever seen concrete paths with handprints or initials cut into them?

You may have always admired them but never considered having them in your own home. Having such a driveway is straightforward, and it also gives your home a distinct identity. They provide character and charm to your outdoor space. The most fundamental concept behind stamped concrete pathways is transforming dull concrete driveways into something more fascinating.

The concrete surface you’ve always wanted can be yours with the help of Compass Landscape and Pavers. Your optimal path can be designed using our skills and considerable experience.

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To ensure that your landscaping service is of the highest quality and long-lasting, we have extensive knowledge of materials and processes. Driveways, walkways, and patios that look great while also serving a practical purpose are all within our scope of expertise. Please get in touch with us if you require any of the following services tailored to your specific requirements and delivered right to your door in San Marcos.

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