Professional Drainage Correction

Standing Water? Soggy Ground? Water Flowing Into Your Home or Business?

Let Us Fix It Right

If any of the issues mentioned above sound familiar, you may have a problem with your home or business' drainage or grading. Water follows the path of least resistance, so if you are seeing standing water, soggy ground, the lawnmower bogging down, etc., you most likely have a drainage issue. If left unrepaired, it can cause serious and very expensive damage to your property and belongings.

At Compass, we've been helping home and business owners for years fix these issues properly and permanently and avoid costly future repairs. We examine the entire situation and approach it from the top down to ensure we fix it comletely and permanently. We use only top-quality materials and take care to interrupt your lawn as little as possible and work as quickly to resolve the issue as possible. We understand you are busy and we respect your time.

Upon a site visit we will determine what course of action is required. Some examples are: Grading, French Drains, Channel Drains, Chase Drains, Grates or Drain Boxes, Sump Pumps, drainage gutters etc.

If you have or think you may have a drainage problem, give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss your problem with you and let you know how we may be able to help you resolve it professionally and quickly.